What is Electracy? 

  •  A theory by Gregory Ulmer that describes the kind of skills and facility necessary to exploit the full communicative potential of new electronic media such as multimedia, hypermedia, social software, and virtual worlds.   

  •  “Electracy is to digital media what literacy is to print.” – Ulmer 

    “invented, not to replace religion and science (orality and literacy), but to supplement them with a third dimension of thought, practice, and identity” 

    Comparison to Orality and Literacy 

  • We have seen a huge increase in the usage of electracy due to the growing popularity of media and entertainment 
  • Electracy will be used as a social machine just as orality and literacy are but it will help to reach/ appeal to more people as technology continues to expand
  • The things that sets electracy apart from orality and literacy
    • More personal and active in our own lives
    • Includes fantasy
    • more emotion
    • allows audience to debate, share and create
    • deals more with aesthetics

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.53.02 AM


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